Kuwait Az-South O&M Project organizes chlorine leakage emergency drill


In order to further improve the emergency rescue capabilities of the project staff and reduce the risk of safety production, on the morning of May 25, 2022, the Kuwait Az-South O&M Project organized an emergency drill for chlorine leakage.
The drill mainly includes three contents of discovery and initial treatment, alarm, alarm reception and response. It simulated the leakage of the valve connecting the outlet of the liquid chlorine cylinder and the pipeline that cannot be closed, causing the alarm of the chlorine leakage alarm and the failure of the chlorine absorption device to start, and chlorine gas diffusing to the surrounding.
Before the drill, the HSE Department of the project trained the participants on firefighting equipment and rescue equipment such as positive pressure breathing apparatus, so as to improve the ability of the staff to be familiar with operating various emergency tools and improve the rescue efficiency.
During the exercise, all departments cooperated closely and all processes such as alarm, safety evacuation, emergency repair, and environmental inspection were closely linked, realized the rapid exchange and communication of accident rescue and rescue information, and quickly solved emergency rescue and disposal problems.
The drill further enhanced the awareness of safe chlorine use of the project staff, tested the practicability and operability of the emergency plan, and also improved the project's ability to deal with chlorine leakage.