Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes Spring Inspection Follow-up Re-examination


In order to further ensure that the problems and hidden dangers found in the Spring Inspection could be effectively rectified, the responsibility for safe production was consolidated, the hidden problems were eliminated, and the closed-loop management was strengthened, on the afternoon of May 18, 2022, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organized the Spring Inspection Follow-up Re-examination activity,
In order to further strengthen the organization and leadership of the activity, the project established an inspection team composed of project leaders and heads of departments. According to the inspection report, the inspection team focused on potential safety hazards, such as the oil depot area, material warehouse, fire prevention of containers, electricity safety of foreigners’ villas, and hygiene improvement of the living environment of employees infected with malaria in Yangon, checked and accepted them one by one. For unfinished rectification and new problems, immediately implemented the responsibility to the on-site responsible person, required a clear rectification period, and proposed rectification measures.
Since Huafeng Weiye Company organized the spring inspection video acceptance for the projects, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project actively carried out rectification in accordance with the company's acceptance requirements, focusing on rectification of the project's oil storage and material warehouses, and organized personnel to flatten the ground, buy steel pipes and iron sheets, and set up a special storage place for oil products.
The project took the activity as an opportunity to organize the Technical and Business Department, HSE department and Procurement Department to conduct preliminary acceptance.
Since the activity was carried out, the project investigated and analyzed the weak links and outstanding problems of safety work, and strived not to leave dead ends and blanks, and rectified and controlled hidden dangers thoroughly, leaving no future troubles and no unsafe factors. During the activity, the project strictly checked the inspection checklist for the Spring Inspection, aiming to check the rectification of defects and problems in the Spring Inspection, to ensure that all kinds of defects and hidden dangers of accidents were eliminated, and the inspection work did not leave blind spots and dead ends, built a solid line of defense for safety work, to ensure the safety and stability of the units.