Company successfully completes all-staff safety grade certification


After more than one year of preparation, implementation and continuous promotion, as of May 16, 2022, the all-staff safety grade certification of Huafeng Weiye Company has been successfully completed, and a total of 882 personnel have completed the safety grade certification.
As the key work of safety management and safety team building from 2021 to 2022, the all-staff safety grade certification was planned and implemented from March 2021. In order to ensure the progress and effectiveness of the work, the company established a leading group for safety grade certification to make overall arrangements, and clarified the principle combined with the relevant requirements to ensure the certification covers all personnel in management positions and operation positions. The entire safety grade certification work is divided into six grades, A/B/C/D/E/F, according to different positions, and all certified personnel should pass the certification examination for the corresponding grade of their position. Among them, the project leaders, heads of functional departments, full-time/part-time safety management personnel correspond to grade A, production management personnel correspond to grade B, production personnel correspond to C/D levels according to specific positions, the administrative personnel in non-safety production technology department correspond to grade E, and the students correspond to grade F.
At the same time, the company makes full use of the network safety training platform to establish a safety grade certification mechanism that conforms to the actual situation of the company, and gives full play to the advantages of the method of promoting training through examinations, which provide a reliable guarantee for the orderly development of the certification work.
During the certification, the company organized professional forces to compile the training outline and test questions that should be known to the safety grade, and in accordance with the process of safety professional internal audit, mutual audit of relevant majors, and joint audit of supervisors and leaders, the training materials were reviewed three times successively. There were more than 6,500 test question banks in 6 safety grades for all employees on the safety training platform. All the departments, business divisions, and projects conducted graded exercises and special training on safety knowledge according to the grade, and organized examinations after meeting the grade hours and learning requirements. For more than one year, all the management and operation personnel of the company have successively passed the corresponding grade certification examinations.
Next, the company will continue to establish the concept of safe development, implement the responsibility for safety work, continue to enhance the safety awareness of all employees, improve the safety quality of all employees, and promote the continuous improvement of the company's safety work.