The second supervision team of supervision and inspection of the special treatment of work safety visits Huafeng Weiye Company


From May 12 to 16, 2022, the company’s second supervision team of supervision and inspection of the special treatment of work safety visited Huafeng Weiye Company for supervision and inspection.
On the morning of May 16, the team held a meeting for the feedback of the supervision. On the meeting, the heads of the four responsibility systems of Huafeng Weiye Company made unscripted performance reports respectively, and Mr. Ni Jiawei, the president and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Huafeng Weiye Company, gave a brief report on the company's overall management of work safety.
Subsequently, the members of the team notified the existing problems in the inspection, put forward rectification suggestions, and clarified the work requirements. Firstly, recognize the severe situation, improve political position, and continue to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of Mr. Xi Jinping's important instructions on work safety. Secondly, it is necessary to consolidate the responsibilities of all employees, strictly implement the safety performance list, and further clarify the responsibility to the people. The third is to strengthen the promotion of scientific and technological achievements, and rely on technology to further improve the level of safety management. The fourth, it is necessary to continue to improve the emergency management system and strengthen emergency response drills to improve emergency response capabilities.
At the end of the meeting, Mr. Ni made a statement and expressed that the next step would be to actively carry out special work on rectification according to the problems and suggestions put forward by the supervision team, and strictly implement the rectification to ensure that the rectification is in place, actively conduct in-depth analysis and research on the issues raised by the supervision team, make up for the shortcomings of work safety , continue to improve safety management, and ensure that the company's work safety situation continues to be stable.