Discipline Inspection Commission organizes the April work meeting and honesty talking


On the afternoon of April 26, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company Discipline Inspection Commission organized the April work meeting and honesty talking at the 16F meeting room of HTG Tower A. Mr. Li Shanggang, the deputy secretary of Party Committee and the secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Huafeng Weiye Company presided over the meeting. The members of the commission and related personnel attended the meeting, and the member of discipline inspection from other Party branches participated into the meeting via video meeting.
The attendees studied Mr. Xi Jinping’s important discussion and Mr. Ding Yanzhang’s speech and the related working system and documents of the group company’s Discipline Inspection Commission and parent company’s Discipline Inspection Commission.
At the meeting, Mr. Li publicized and implemented the spirit of the company's Disciplinary Committee's monthly work meeting, and focused on the contents of the lectures given by Mr. Wang Li, the company's Party secretary and chairman, and emphasized actively playing the role of discipline inspection and supervision, promoting inspection, rectification, self-inspection and self-correction work, and the implementation of annual activities to strengthen compliance management.
Combined with the actual situation of each branch, Mr. Li emphasized the following aspects:
First, the discipline inspection committee members of each Party branch should further improve their understanding of the discipline inspection and supervision work, and based on the actual situation of each Party branch and project, within the scope permitted by local laws and regulations, give full play to the role of discipline inspection committee members, actively carry out discipline inspection and supervision work, and strengthen the supervision of human and property rights, especially in key areas and key links such as material procurement and foreign management, continuously form a joint force of supervision to promote the implementation of supervision.
Second, the discipline inspection members of each Party branch should strengthen the implementation of the discipline inspection work, clarify the key points of inspection work of the whole year, formulate the Party branch discipline inspection work plan, and complete various discipline inspection work in strict accordance with the requirements of the superior Party committee and the Discipline Inspection Committee, attach great importance to the work of integrity education, and do a good job in integrity education and daily supervision within the Party branch.
The third is that all members should continue to supervise the epidemic prevention and control work, urge the project to further sort out the situation of on-site personnel, strengthen communication and exchanges, pay attention to the psychology of employees, and help to solve difficulties, especially the psychological intervention and emotional counseling of key personnel to ensure the physical and mental health of overseas project employees.
The meeting strictly implemented the 10-Minute Rule of Party Discipline Education. The attendees watched the case of Ma Linkun in the warning educational film Zero Tolerance - Live Up to 1.4 billion together
After the meeting, Mr. Li talked to the heads of Production and Technology Department and Safety and Environmental Protection Department about clean and honesty.