Company organizes a training of intelligent electronic seal


On the afternoon of April 12, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company invited technicians from intelligent electronic seal manufacturers to carry out a training in the multi-functional classroom on the 12F of HTG Building A. The training was carried out in a combination of online and offline methods. There are more than 30 personnel from various departments, divisions and projects in the headquarters participated into the raining.
Before the training, Mr. Sun Haitao, the vice president and chief engineer, firstly emphasized the necessity of using the intelligent seal system and promoting the integration of the company's intelligent seal in combination with the management system related to the use of the company's sea, and then introduced the differences between electronic equipment seals and electronic seal systems and traditional seals in terms of safety and convenience, and the use of electronic equipment seals can bring substantial improvement to enterprise management.
During the training, the technicians detailed explained the seal and terminal equipment management, seal production management, seal audit management and personnel management, seal use approval workflow, seal use method, seal safety, seal use process traceability, etc., and also explained how to realize the message docking between electronic equipment seals and electronic seals and multimedia terminals (PC and mobile phones), the safety of printing barrels, how to realize the traceability of each electronic seal, and electronic seals authenticity verification and other related technical issues.
Electronic seals and electronic equipment seals are based on traditional seals and are superimposed on intelligent hardware, Internet of things technology, CA certification technology, encryption technology, timestamp technology, third-party notarization technology, and blockchain technology to ensure the security, anti-counterfeiting, convenience, authority and traceability. Through the training, all seal users and managers had a more intuitive and profound understanding of the security, standardization, traceability and convenience brought by information and intelligent technology to seal management.
At present, the electronic equipment seal has been put into use in the Shanxi Synthetic Bio Industry Ecological Park Cogeneration Commissioning Project. The use of intelligent electronic equipment and the electronic seal system will further standardize and optimize the seal management process, make the use of seals more visible, manageable, controllable and traceable, and will also drive the company to take an important step in the direction of digital development.
Next, Huafeng Weiye Company will continue to do a good job in the promotion and application of the company's internal electronic equipment seal and electronic seal.