Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes spring safety inspection activity


In order to further implement the Three Years of Special Safety Program, do a good job in the company's spring safety inspection, comprehensively investigate and timely eliminate the safety hazards of the dry season, and prevent the occurrence of major fire accidents, on April 7, 2022, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organized the fire safety inspection for the whole plant.
The inspection mainly includes the implementation of electrical fire prevention measures, combustibles, management of fire sources, firefighting water sources and firefighting facilities, equipment management, power distribution rooms, material warehouses including chemical warehouses, plant cable interlayers, living buildings, oil management, and for the problems found in the inspection, the responsible department established lists of hidden dangers, rectify them in a timely manner according to the lists, and track and review them regularly.
After the inspection, all departments and teams of the project further strengthened the management of personnel, improved safety awareness, and implemented the responsibility for safe production to everyone to ensure that the fire protection system, fire protection facilities and firefighting equipment would be always in a qualified state to prevent the occurrence of various fire accidents, and continue to escort the safe production and stable promotion of the project