HTG Tower Trade Union Federation organizes blood donation activity


On the morning of April 11, 2022, HTG Tower Trade Union Federation organized blood donation activity uniting 6 subsidiary companies. The union members actively participated into the activity.
After receiving the call of carrying out voluntary blood donation from the Qingdao Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters and Laoshan District Federation of Trade Unions, HTG Tower Trade Union Federation immediately took action, actively mobilized, and contacted Qingdao Central Blood Station with the support of Laoshan District Federation of Trade Unions to coordinate the blood collection car to come to the company for blood donation. In front of the blood donation car, the volunteers kept a distance, waited in line, and actively cooperated with the staff of the Qingdao Central Blood Station to carry out temperature measurement, information registration, health consultation, laboratory tests, blood collection and other works. Finally, 41 volunteers completed blood donation, and the total amount of blood donation reached 12,600 ml.
The blood donation activity fully demonstrated the spirit of the cadres and workers of the HTG Tower Trade Union Federation, made contribution to the epidemic prevention and control, and also made the social welfare awareness of "donating blood to save people, " more deeply in everyone’s heart and soul.