Morocco ONEE visits Jerada O&M Project


On March 30, 2022, Mr. HAFIDI, the CEO of ONEE, Mr. FETIAN, Mr. MAQRINI and Mr. EL HAOUI visited Morocco Jerada O&M Project.
Mr. HAFIDI firstly talked with Mr. Li Qiusheng, the secretary of the 3rd Party branch of Huafeng Weiye Company. Subsequently, accompanied by Mr. CHARA, the project manager from the owner side, and the project leaders, Mr. HAFIDI and his fellows visited the production areas including the centralized control room, boiler room, steam engine room, etc., and carried out a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the operation and maintenance, technical characteristics and other aspects of the project.
Mr. HAFIDI spoke highly of the project's efficient execution capabilities and excellent O&M indicators, and praised the project as a benchmark project of Chinese-funded enterprises in Morocco. He also expressed his willingness to maintain a long-term and stable strategic partnership with SEPCOIII and to develop a broader market and achieve mutual benefit.
Up to 00:00 on March 1, the total power generation of the units since the commercial operation has reached 11.097 billion kWh, providing an inexhaustible supply of electric energy to the Moroccan power grid with Chinese power. The O&M team vigorously implemented the localization strategy and recruited a total of 249 local employees, which not only relieved the pressure of local employment tensions, but also cultivated professional and technical talents for the local area.
The visit further deepened ONEE's understanding of the company and the project, laid a good foundation for the two parties to further deepen cooperation, and also created favorable conditions for the project t to win the second five-year O&M contract, which will help the company to further develop the Moroccan market.