Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes fire drill for ST oil system


In order to strengthen the safety production awareness of the project employees, improve the production personnel's ability to respond, judge and correctly handle emergency events, and further improve the safety production level of the project, on March 25,2022, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organized the Operation Department and the Technical and Economic Department to carry out a fire drill for the steam turbine oil system in accordance with the annual emergency drill plan.
The drill was based on the fact that the operators found oil leakage from the flange of the steam turbine main valve oil pipeline during the inspection. The operators immediately reported the situation to the shift leader. After the leader received the notice, the on-site personnel were arranged to pay close attention to the oil leakage, the supervisors closely monitored the situation, panel parameters and alarm information, and contact maintenance personnel to go to the site for processing. During the tightening process, the amount of oil leakage was suddenly increased, which splashed onto the running heat source pipeline, causing smoke and fire. The operators quickly reported to the shift leader and used the on-site dry powder fire extinguisher to put out the fire. After the shift leader received the danger, he immediately started the Emergency Response Plan for Turbine Oil System Fire Accidents. One maintenance personnel involved in the firefighting fainted due to inhalation of excessive smoke, so other firefighters immediately used cardiopulmonary resuscitation to give first aid to the person and called an ambulance call to send the person to the hospital for further examination and treatment. With the close cooperation of everyone, the fire was brought under control and gradually extinguished, and the emergency drill was successfully completed.
The whole exercise was carried out with a clear division of labor, tacit cooperation, and orderly actions, which have achieved the purpose of the exercise. Through this drill, the fire handling ability of front-line production personnel and the coordination and cooperation ability of relevant departments in emergency situations were further tested, the employees' awareness of fire safety and fire handling ability were also improved, which built firm foundation for improving the overall production safety of the project.