Company organizes a special safety training to study Mr. Xi Jinping’s important discussion


On March 17, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company organized a special training for the company leaders and department managers to study Mr. Xi Jinping’s important discussion on safety production and ecological environmental protection applying the safety training cloud platform, and watched the relevant topic video together.
After the intensive study, the trainees further deepened their knowledge and understanding of the content and spirit of Mr. Xi Jinping's important discussion, and strengthened their awareness of safe production and environmental protection, which provided basic rule for further implementing the responsibility system for safe production, improving the company's safety management level and ensuring the company's sustainable and stable safe and civilized production.
In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the special training applied the safety training cloud platform, and the whole process was carried out online. Since the platform was completed and put into use at the end of 2020, through new models such as online technical training, production training, and safety training, it has helped the company overcome unfavorable factors such as the impact of the epidemic, time and space constraints, and conduct personnel training work in an orderly manner to promote the training of compound talents.
Next, Huafeng Weiye Company will continue to carry out safety training, and organize all employees to firmly establish the safety concept of "people first, life first" in the spirit of Mr. Xi Jinping's important speech, knowing where it comes from and where it is and where to go, to effectively improve safety awareness and ensure the smooth operation of the company's safe production.