Haixi CSP Project trial operation team achieves phased results on all-staff grade certification


In order to further improve the comprehensive technical ability of technical personnel, promote the cultivation of compound talents, and enhance the core competitiveness of the company's commissioning and trial operation team, Huafeng Weiye Company innovatively formulated and implemented the personnel training measures of professional grade certification of all production personnel in 2021, carried out centralized training at the headquarters and organized commissioning and trial operation team to make full use of on-site conditions to actively organize various forms of training activities, strives to complete grade certification of all production personnel within one year.
Among them, the trial operation team of the Haixi CSP project, in accordance with the work arrangement of the company on all-staff grade certification, took the training as the main line, carried out online and offline trainings regularly, organized examinations of all employees, supplemented by the training on the operation characteristics of CSP plants in the new energy field, and achieved phased results. As of mid-March of 2022, a total of 24l exams for all staff were organized, including 12 theoretical exams and 12 on-site application exams. The number of exam participants reached 452, and the reference rate except for those on vacation was as high as 95%. Based on the operating experience of CSP units under different working conditions in 2021, a total of 18 offline trainings were organized, with 208 participants. The ability of the project’s trial operation team to multiple abilities has been significantly improved, which effectively promoted the on-site commissioning and trial operation works.
In 2021, in the face of difficulties in the deployment of project production personnel due to the epidemic, the project has greatly relieved the pressure of the shortage of personnel and technical force by flexibly deploying employees with multiple ability, ensured safe production and also completed various commissioning tests required in the contract. The commissioning work has not only been fully recognized by the EPC project, but also highly praised by the owner. During the whole process of grade certification, the team members discussed with each other, strengthened their theoretical foundation, accumulated on-site practical experience, improved their professional and technical level, and created a good learning atmosphere.
Next, the trial operation team will continue to strictly implement the requirements of Huafeng Weiye Company on professional training, regard technology as the foundation of work, continue to do various technical trainings, ensured the safe production of the project, and actively contributes to the construction of the company's talent team in the field of CSP.