SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project organizes kick-off meeting of 2022 spring safety inspection


In order to further consolidate the foundation of safe production, comprehensively and timely investigate and eliminate potential safety hazards, and ensure sustainable safe production, on March 22, 2022, Saudi Arabia Ras Al Khair O&M Project held the kick-off meeting of 2022 spring safety inspection.
At the meeting, the participants studied the spirit of the relevant inspection documents issued by the group company and the company, and jointly studied Mr. Xi Jinping's important discussion on safety production and ecological environmental protection, and watched an education video.
In order to ensure the implementation of the spring safety inspection and achieve the purpose of conducting a comprehensive inspection of the project, the project team made key arrangements for the tasks of the spring safety inspection, and required all departments to review the work of the spring inspection and carry out task refinement and decomposition to ensure that the spring safety inspection could not leave dead ends and hidden dangers.
Finally, the project leader put forward the following specific requirements based on the inspection work.
1. Take the spring safety inspection activity as an opportunity, continue to consolidate and stabilize the safety production situation, and lay a solid safety production foundation for the upcoming Ramadan and Summer Peak power supply and steam supply tasks.
2. It is necessary to consolidate the main responsibilities, carefully investigate on-site problems, adhere to inspections and rectifications, promote rectifications through inspections, comprehensively and deeply investigate and control hidden dangers in safety production, strengthen safety production measures, and improve the level of project safety production management.
3. Try to find out potential safety hazards and weak links, establish a problem rectification ledger, increase supervision, implement responsibilities, conscientiously rectify and improve systems, completely eliminate major safety hazards, effectively prevent accidents, and maintain an overall stable production safety situation.