Mr. Xiong Changjin from NWA Office of EIBC visits Morocco Jerada O&M Project


On the afternoon of March 17, Mr. Xiong Changjin, Mr. Ran Longfei and Mr. Wu Yifan, the representatives of the Northwest Africa Office of EIBC (The Export-Import Bank of China), visited Morocco Jerada O&M Project for the 2022 annual inspection job. Mr. Li Qiusheng, the secretary of Huafeng Weiye Company No.3 Party branch, Mr. Liu Kejia, the deputy chief engineer of the O&M project, and key personnel met and communicated with the representatives.
Mr. Li firstly introduced the company's EPCO industry chain construction, project construction and O&M works in detail to the inspection team in the conference room on the project. Later, accompanied by Mr. Li, Mr. Xiong and others visited the central control room, production workshop, air cooling island and other areas, and had a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the operation and maintenance, technical characteristics and other aspects of the project.
Mr. Xiong spoke highly of the high-quality and efficient implementation of the project and excellent O&M indicators, praised the project as a benchmark project of the Chinese-funded enterprises in Morocco. He eagerly hoped that the two parties could continue to deepen cooperation and jointly develop the market, and expressed that they would like to actively coordinate and fully support the company's business development.
The visiting fully reflected the importance and concern of the EIBC to the project, and further strengthened the Bank's understanding of the construction, operation and maintenance of the project, which is conducive to enhancing mutual trust and consensus with the company, laid a good foundation for the two sides to further deepen cooperation, and strengthened the confidence and added motivation for the project to do all the work.
Next, the project will continue to focus on stabilizing production safety, improving quality and efficiency, and controlling operational risks, striving to successfully complete the first five-year O&M contract and create favorable conditions for signing the second five-year contract.