Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes training for Burmese new employees


Since January 20, 2022, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project has been carrying out a 2-month-long training for the Burmese new employees.
The training was started from the three-level safety education of the project, focused on professional knowledge, adopted the training model of old employees helping news, explained the prepared Chinese and English regulations, system diagrams, PTWs, on-site inspection records, equipment manuals and other training materials, and interpreted them one by one according to the inspection content, to teach the new employees professional knowledge in all aspects, and strengthen their professional theoretical knowledge.
During the training process, the old employees gave first lectures, Chinese staff supplemented, new employees asked questions, and then the old employees combined with their actual work, patiently answered various questions raised by the new employees, and imparted work experience and working methods to the new employees. In order to enhance the interactivity and effectiveness of the training, the training courses adopted the form of video and animation to increase the learning enthusiasm and initiative of new employees. The interactive learning methods such as exchange and discussion between new and old employees and active questioning by new employees have deepened the new employees' understanding of knowledge and further enhanced the training effect.
After the professional training, the project organized new employees to re-sort, re-learn and re-train their weakness. The new employee served as the new lecturer, reviewed the theoretical knowledge, and re-explained the content and system of the on-site inspection. Finally, the lecturers made comments and supplements to help the new employees to really get the professional knowledge.
The safety training was also carried out throughout the professional training.
Through the training, the new employees had a full understanding of the power generation process of the power plant and a general understanding of the training system. The safety awareness and professional knowledge of the new employees have been significantly improved. Finally, the project conducted a phased test on the training for the new employees. Through the evaluation, the new employees all met the basic requirements of on-site inspection.
Now, the professional training of gas turbine and heat engine has been successfully completed. Next, the project will strictly follow the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and carry out follow-up training work in an orderly manner as planned, to help the new employees improve their professional skills and abilities in all aspects as soon as possible, so as to adapt to the needs of their jobs and actively engage in the works.