Kuwait Az-south CCGT3 O&M Project organizes total skills learning and training


In December 2021, according to the NCC scheduling order, the Kuwait Az-south Project unit was transferred into a hot standby state. Immediately, the project O&M team took full advantage of this opportunity to organize a three-month-long training program around the implementation of Huafeng Weiye Company's training requirements for integrated operators, with the goal of improving the technical level of the operators and promoting the professional skill level identification of production personnel. 
The O&M team attached great importance to the training, and the person in charge participated in the formulation of the training plan, and required the production personnel to fully understand the importance of the training, cherish the training opportunities, learn professional knowledge in depth, and improve their professional skills. It is emphasized that the O&M personnel should get rid of personnel barriers in their work, so that everyone could understand frequent problems and solve the technical problems to ensure the stable and safe operation of the unit.
The training content covers I&C, mechanical, electrical, chemical, safety, HVAC, fire protection and other majors. In order to combine learning and application, unify theory and practice, and make post-focused training to achieve practical results, the lecturers of the operation department carefully study the teaching method, and carry out comprehensive and in-depth training from the perspective of "principle + method + experience". The training not only explained the relevant principles and operation methods, but also focused on failure analysis and difficult point processing, starting from the actual situation on the site, combining the experience accumulated since the commissioning, and integrated the equipment problem processing and coping methods for practicality. 
Through the three-month training, the professional skills of all operators have been improved, their safety awareness has been consolidated, and a good learning atmosphere has been created to achieve the purpose of training. Next, the project enters the scheduled maintenance stage, and all operators will help the annual maintenance work to be successfully completed with a positive and full attitude.