Deputy director of Thaketa Fire Station visits Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project


On January 28, 2022, Mr. Ye Min Htet, the deputy director of Thaketa Fire Station, visited Thaketa O&M Project. Mr. Wang Jian, the project manager, welcomed him at the No.1 meeting room.
Firstly, on behalf of the power plant operator, Mr. Wang extended his welcome to Mr. Ye Min Htet and his delegation, and introduced in detail the fire protection measures of the power plant throughout the year and the successful completion of the power generation and production tasks in 2021. He also stated that the Thaketa Power Plant strictly abides by the relevant systems and regulations promulgated by the local fire station. Under the supervision and help of the Thaketa Fire Station, the fire protection work of the power plant has been carried out smoothly, and various performance indicators are in leading position in Yangon.
Subsequently, Mr. Ye Min Htet spoke highly of the fire protection and production work in 2021 of the power plant. He said that the scientific and environmental protection operation of the power plant by the project O&M team has effectively guaranteed the living electricity of the people in Yangon and benefited the lives of the local people. He also made a special trip to commend Mr. Wang for his annual fire safety production work, and issued the certificate of Advanced Individual in Fire Management of Yangon Thaketa District to appreciate the support from the power plant to the fire station, and it is hoped that the Thaketa Power Plant will continue to contribute to the electricity consumption of the people of Yangon in 2022, and at the same time continue to support the fire safety work of Yangon.
Finally, the two sides held an award ceremony in the office building.