Company Discipline Inspection Committee organizes training for the newly established divisions


According to the relevant work arrangement, at 9:30 on January 18, 2022, Huafeng Weiye Company Discipline Inspection Committee organized a video conference to carry out discipline inspection management training and integrity education for the newly established divisions of Huafeng Weiye Company. The training was given by Ms. Sun Xuemei, manager of the Administration Management Department of the company.
Ms. Sun firstly emphasized the importance and necessity of integrity education, publicized and implemented the relevant requirements and work arrangements of the company's Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Committee, and guided the trainees to firmly establish a sense of integrity, adhere to the bottom line and earnestly perform job responsibilities and jointly create a clean, honest and fair working atmosphere. At the same time, focusing on the key links and key positions in the process of market development, operation management, and project production, she emphasized the integrity and risk prevention management of the divisions, and publicized and implemented the relevant management systems and regulations of the company's discipline inspection to the divisions.
In order to further promote the development of the commissioning and trail operation business and strive to expand new business growth points, in 2021, Huafeng Weiye Company further increased the development of the domestic market, new energy market and emerging business market in accordance with the new strategic requirements of the parent company, and established the North Division, the Northwest Division, the Power Research Center Division and the Technology Development Division aiming to expand the external market business. The training has ensured the timely coverage of the newly established divisions by the education of integrity practitioners, which will help to further enhance the awareness of integrity practitioners and awareness of integrity risk prevention, and promote the healthy development of the company's business.