Morocco Jerada O&M Project overfulfils annual production task


In 2021, the cumulative power generation of Morocco Jerada O&M Project was 2.6875 billion kWh, exceeding the annual plan by 387.5 million kWh, the unit load rate was as high as 93.36%, 14% exceeding the annual plan, the unit availability was 93.0%, exceeding 3.0% of the contract value, overfulfilled the annual production task.
Looking back on 2021, it is another difficult and extraordinary year after 2020. Affected by the continuous impact of the epidemic, the difficulties and challenges faced by the project were more severe. Various factors such as the impact of the epidemic, unit maintenance, operation and maintenance production, business indicators, and new O&M contracts were superimposed, which further tested the ability and wisdom of all the staff of the project. In the face of these difficulties and challenges, all the staff united together and were not afraid of the epidemic, successfully completed the works such as unit maintenance, unit O&M and business operation.
The global epidemic that broke out at the end of 2019 had completely disrupted the original order of our life and work. In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and protect all employees from being harmed by the virus, the project strictly implements the company's epidemic prevention and control arrangements and measures. On the basis of the emergency plan, the grid management was further refined, the supervision and inspection were intensified, and the epidemic prevention and control management of the whole process of employees' entry, work, life and return to China were strictly implemented. Through strong preventive measures, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the project had continued to maintain zero infection on the site.
Epidemic prevention and control and O&M works are the two main lines of the project site work. The annual unit maintenance work is the top priority of the project operation and maintenance work of this year, and it is one of the important foundations to ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the unit. The unit shutdown and maintenance work of 2021 were carried out from October 1 to October 20, with a construction period of 20 days. Affected by the epidemic, the domestic professional maintenance team cannot enter the site, and the maintenance work only could be undertaken by the existing personnel on site independently. In order to create good conditions for the next operation cycle of the unit, the project faced difficulties, planned ahead, actively communicated with the owner, and successfully changed the maintenance method to self-maintenance by on-site personnel. During the maintenance period, all work from maintenance planning to maintenance safety, progress, quality control, to the comparison and analysis of post-repair indicators were efficiently organized and carried out in an orderly manner. With the joint efforts of the on-site staff, the maintenance work of the unit was broken down and shut down at 3:29 on October 1 as scheduled, and it was connected to the grid for stable operation at 10:56 on October 20. The successful completion of the maintenance work in 2021 not only ensured the safe and stable operation of the unit in the subsequent long-term cycle and meet the contract requirements, but also trained the on-site operation and maintenance team, saved a lot of labor, materials and other maintenance costs.
As an O&M project, the primary task is to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, successfully complete the production index requirements of the O&M contract, and ensure the effective execution of the contract and the smooth settlement of O&M costs. To this end, while fighting the epidemic and efficiently completing the annual maintenance, the project strictly controlled the O&M process, and constantly optimized and improved the quality of O&M works, ensured the long-term safe and stable operation of the unit, gradually improved the energy efficiency and availability of the unit, and overfulfilled the annual operation and maintenance goals and tasks, created good economic benefits.
The hard-won achievements are the fruit of the hard work and sweat of all the staff of the project. In 2022, the project will stand on a new starting point, continue to carry forward the Iron Army working style, make persistent efforts, build on the past and forge ahead, and work harder to successfully complete the first five-year O&M contract and to create favorable conditions for the second five-year O&M contract.