Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project 2021 annual power generation reaches new high


Up to 0:00 of December 31, 2021, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project completed 830.8 million kilowatt-hours of on-grid electric power, which exceeded the annual guaranteed power generation capacity stipulated in the O&M contract by more than 100 million kilowatt-hours, setting a new record for annual power generation. On the same day, the owner sent 2 letters of commendation, praising the outstanding performance of the project O&M team.
On the morning of January 1, 2022, the owner's representative organized a celebration ceremony in the power plant's centralized control room, commended the O&M team, and awarded the team the honorary certificate of 2021 Outstanding O&M Team. At the same time, the owner’s parent company also congratulated the O&M team and awarded Mr. Wang Jian, the O&M project manager, the honorary title of 2021 Outstanding Individual.
The representative of the owner stated in his speech that under the dual influence of the epidemic and the political turmoil in Myanmar, the O&M team was united and worked tenaciously to perfectly complete the annual Class B maintenance of the unit, exceeding the annual power generation task and power generation capacity. It has created a new high in the four years since the unit was put into production, creating the best O&M performance since commercial operation. He took this opportunity to express the sincere gratitude to SEPCOIII and Huafeng Weiye Company for their continuous support and dedication on behalf of the owners. 
In 2022, the project O&M team will work hard as always, overcome difficulties, further strengthen and improve internal operation management, pay close attention to on-site safety production, and strive to provide owners with better services.