Myanmar Rangoon Development Committee visits Thaketa O&M Project and awards prize to the project manager


On December 30, 2021, Mr. Ye Min Htun, the deputy director of Thaketa of Rangoon Development Committee visited Thaketa O&M Project, and Mr. Wang Jian, the project manager, welcomed and met him. 
On behalf of the power plant operator, Mr. Wang gave a brief introduction to the power plant’s environmental protection measures, various production indicators of the power plant’s external emissions, and annual power generation production tasks, stated that the power plant strictly abides by the relevant systems and regulations promulgated by local government and the performance indicators are better than other power plants in Rangoon.
Mr. Ye Min Htun spoke highly of the environmental protection and production work of the power plant. He said that the scientific and environmentally-friendly operation of the power plant by the project O&M team has effectively ensured the electricity for the people of Rangoon and benefited the lives of local people. During his visit this time, he made a special trip to commend the annual environmental protection production work of the power plant, and awarded the Rangoon Environmental Protection Outstanding Individual Certification to Mr. Wang for appreciation, and hoped that the power plant could continue to work hard to achieve excess power generation and make more contributions to environmental protection.
Subsequently, the two parties held an award ceremony in the office building, and Mr. Wang accepted the certification of honor on behalf of all members of the power plant operation team.
The content of the certification is: Rangoon Development Committee awarded Mr. Wang Jian, the project manager of Qingdao Huafeng Weiye Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. as an outstanding individual in environmental protection in Rangoon. The power plant has excellent environmental protection work with good measures that meets the regulations and runs in an orderly manner, and is awarded with the certification especially.