Company obtains Energy Performance Contracting Certification


After months of preparation, Huafeng Weiye Company passed the assessment of Beijing Beacon Certification Co., Ltd. in December 2021, and obtained the Energy Performance Contracting Certification by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P. R. C.
Energy Performance Contracting is an energy-saving investment method that uses saved energy costs to pay for the full cost of energy-saving projects. This method allows users to use future energy-saving benefits to upgrade factories and equipment, reduce current operating costs, and improve energy efficiency. Obtaining the certification will help the company to further expand the energy management service market, especially to provide energy management services for high-energy-consuming enterprises such as steel and petrochemicals, marking the beginning of the energy-saving service business of Huafeng Weiye Company. 
During the process of obtaining the certification, energy contract review is an important part of the process. Huafeng Weiye Company organized its strength to carry out review and preparation work in advance while ensuring that the tasks of each project were carried out in an intense and orderly manner, and revised and improved the Quality Manual and more than 30 procedural documents in accordance with the requirements of energy management related documents. In December 2021, the assessment experts visited the headquarters of the company to conduct an on-site review. During this period, the experts comprehensively reviewed the operation of the company's system and gave full recognition. After the review, they formally recommended Huafeng Weiye Company to the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P. R. C. for the 5A Energy Performance Contracting Certification.