Morocco Jerada O&M Project organizes Chinese dumpling making activity


In order to promote the traditional culture of China, and transform the achievements of Party history learning and education into the motivation for serving the people, make the employees can feel the festive atmosphere together, on December 21, 2021, Morocco Jerada O&M Project organized a Chinese Dumpling Making activity to celebrate the Winter Solstice Festival.
In the activity, the project leaders and staff were chatting with each other and making dumplings. They happily communicated and operated earnestly. With the concerted efforts of everyone, the dumplings quickly filled the plates. During dinner time, the hot and delicious dumplings were fresh out of the pot. Everyone was eating the dumplings with happy smiles on their faces. 
The dumplings not only bring a strong festive atmosphere, but also care for project employees far away from home, strengthen the cohesion of the project team, and enhance the sense of belonging of the employees. It also makes the project employees who are still working on site feel the warmth of home during the Winter Solstice Festival.