Company organizes exchange meeting of seawater desalination technology and project management


On December 16, 2021, Huafeng Weiye Company organized an exchange meeting of seawater desalination technology and project management at 16F meeting room of HTG Tower A. The company leaders and division managers from PTD and project managers and chemical engineers participated into the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Li Biao, the company’s chief management director, manager of PTD and general manager of Technology Development Division.
At the meeting, the desalination project managers reported on the problems encountered in preparation and implementation and corresponding solutions, and analyzed and summarized engineering, commissioning, operation, performance testing, training, personnel localization, and project management, which provided references for the implementation of subsequent desalination projects and promoted the smooth implementation of subsequent projects. 
The leaders explained and emphasized the development prospects of the desalination project and the importance of the company's development, and put forward specific requirements for the smooth implementation of the subsequent desalination projects: 
1. Accelerate the expansion of achievements in technology patents and intellectual property rights on the basis of ensuring the quality, quantity and safety of regular business. 
2. Deepen the depth of the project technology summary, extract and extend the heavyweight technical results from the collected experience. 
3. Carry out in-depth commissioning and research on large desalination projects to realize the transformation and application of APS.
4. Further solidify the technical experience gained, and formulate corresponding standards at the same time to achieve the reproducibility of experience. 
5. Summarize and compare seawater desalination technologies both in China and abroad to form technical solutions with intellectual property rights to provide technical support for future development. 
In the past year, in accordance with the company's unified deployment and requirements, Huafeng Weiye Company has successfully realized the construction of Integration of Turbine and Integration of Commissioning and Operation. In terms of technical experience, a sea water desalination trial operation database has been established, with a total of 109 experience summaries, 2 papers, patents and other technical assets; in terms of personnel training, 4 seawater desalination commissioning teams have been formed, with 51 project managers and professional engineers, quickly stocked excellent personnel of seawater desalination, and vigorously promoted the localization of personnel. At present, the proportion of foreigners in the projects has reached more than 40%.
The meeting made an in-depth analysis and summary of the technology and management of the desalination projects of Huafeng Weiye Company, clarified ideas and direction for the next step. The desalination team also stated that they would like to learn more about new equipment, new technology and new skills based on the existing technical experience, implement project with subject, and establish the concept of "do a project, understand a project, provide an advanced experience, to provide strong support and guarantee for enhancing the company's technological innovation and market competitiveness.