Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project finishes unit B-level maintenance


At local time 10:18 of December 6 and 3:00 of December 10, 2021, Myanmar Taketa O&M Project finished the B-level maintenance of the gas turbine and steam turbine successively with good index 3 days and 21 hours in advance separately.
The planned period of the job is 21 days, with the gas turbine hot passage inspection as the linear control period, and the replacement of the turbine generator rotor as the auxiliary control period. Due to the local political instability and the impact of epidemic, the planned domestic personnel and local maintenance team could not go into the site, besides, except to the GT HGPI is responsible by GE, most of the work should be borne by the on-site employees of the project, so the maintenance faced grim situation and a lot of problems.
Therefore, the O&M team made arrangements in advance from the aspects of spare parts preparation, personnel organization, schedule planning, quality control, safety control and other aspects, and formulated a careful maintenance work plan. In the maintenance process, all the staff carried out the maintenance work strictly in accordance with the planning and management requirements. The construction period, quality, safety and other aspects of the maintenance were effectively implemented. A total of 154 maintenance items, 39 technical supervision, 34 elimination and 26 tests were completed, and all tasks of B-level the maintenance were completed in advance, which laid a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of the units.