Company Organizes Meet-and-greet Meeting for 2018 New Staffs


  On the morning of August 10th, 2018, Huafeng Weiye Company organized the meet-and-greet meeting for the new staffs at 421, building C. Mr. Ni Jiawei, President, and Mr. Peng Hong, Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President, attended the meeting. Mr. Jiang Qilong, Manager of HR Department, held the meeting.
  The 43 new staffs introduced themselves and shared their understanding of the company.
  Mr. Ni welcomed the new staffs on behalf of the company and introduced the company’s development and business to them. He also made the following requirements combining with his own experience and cases.
  1. Be a man of integrity and capability. Respect the position, the leaders, the colleagues and the competitors. Communicate with others and learn from others.
  2. Be responsible. Develop yourselves with the company development. Cooperate with others with teamwork spirit.
  3. Be positive to the unfair matters. Deal with the dialectical relationship between individual and company development and try to show your advantages.
  4. Technical authority is the real authority. Make decisions on data and acquire authority through technique and data.
  5. Be down-to-earth. The skills and experience got from the first five years are really important to the career.
  6. Try to improve the working ability and management ability. Look at the problems with strategic and dialectic views.
  7. Pay attention to safety. Try to deal with the relationship between production safety, personal safety and working and living safety.
  After that, Mr. Peng made the following suggestion to the new staffs.
  1. Correctly view the dialectical relationship between pay out and career development. Develop with the company.
  2. Set the correct philosophy and value and be positive.
  3. Be persistent. Change the role from student to staff. Insist in your goals and work hard for the goals.
  4. Be positive in the rough time and try to overcome the difficulties.
  5. Be responsible to yourselves, your families, the company and what you did.
  6. Know the company as soon as possible and be the ones the company need.
  The meeting made the company and new staffs know more about each other. Mr. Ni and Mr. Peng’s guidance answered the new staffs’ questions of the career and also strengthened their determination of self-development.