Company carries out total safety grade certification


On November 9, 2021, Huafeng Weiye Company held safety certification examinations of grade A, project managers, and grade B, production management personnel at room 1208 of HTG Tower A. Mr. Chen Ting, the vice president and safety director of Huafeng Weiye Company, and Mr. Ma Qingsheng, the manager of Safety and Environmental Protection Dept, conducted the invigilation. Before the start of the test, Mr. Chen emphasized the strategic significance of the company’s safety grade certification and the safety responsibilities and performance requirements of the project managers, and then emphasized the importance of safety management.
According to the company’s plan, combined with the current strategic vision, Huafeng Weiye Company will make the work of total safety grade certification as the focus of its work in 2021. In accordance with the work requirements of the Safety Committee, the company established a safety grade certification work leading group to coordinate and arrange related works.
In March 2021, in accordance with the company’s requirements and principles, the total safety grade includes six levels: A, project managers, functional department managers, full-time/part-time safety management personnel; B, production management personnel; C/D, production personnel (grading according to specific positions); E, administrative personnel of non-safe production technology departments; F, trainees. In May, the preparation of the training outline and test questions for the safety level grade was finished, and in accordance with the procedures of safety professional internal review, related business mutual review, and supervisory leadership review, the training materials were reviewed 3 times, and more than 6,500 test questions of 6 safety grades were created and uploaded to the safety training platform. Starting in June, the projects were required to conduct graded exercises and special safety knowledge training and take exams after the study requirements are met, and assigned after passing the exams. 
Up to now, the company has organized more than 20 special examinations, and 381 people have completed the grade certification. The company plans to organize 486 people to take examination in November; and supplement the absentees, unqualified personnel, and transferred personnel to take exams in December.
Total safety grade certification is a key task carried out in accordance with the overall training plan of Huafeng Weiye Company. Since the start of the work, with the support of the leaders of the company and the joint efforts of all the personnel, phased results have been achieved. Next, the company will continue to follow the requirements of the overall plan, earnestly promote the total safety grade certification and fully complete the company's 2021 safety production work.