Award from Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions


Recently, Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions issued the notice recording Huafeng Weiye Company Morocco Jerada O&M Project Technology and Business Dept was awarded the honorary title, Innovation Team of Qingdao of 2021, and Laoshan District Federation of Trade Unions especially sent the good news to the company.
There are currently 8 personnel in the Technology and Business Dept of Morocco Jerada O&M Project, including 6 professional engineers. Under the correct leadership of the company and the project, all personnel of the department closely focused on the development goals of the enterprise and carried out virous technical activities to tackle technical problems from multiple angles, steadily promoted the construction of safety production standardization, gave full play to the leading role of professional demonstration, studied and worked hard, solved the technical problems with independent innovation and creation, which has been highly recognized by the project owner.
The activity was organized by the Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions, aiming to thoroughly implement Mr. Xi Jinping’s thoughts and earnestly implement his important expositions and important instructions and requirements for building a city of craftsmen and building an innovative city, and contribute to accelerating the construction of an open, modern, dynamic, and fashionable international metropolis. The award is the affirmation and encouragement of the Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions for the technological innovation of Huafeng Weiye Company. Next, the company will take technological innovation as the lead, take the advanced models as the example, continue to enhance the employees’ innovation awareness and ability, and strive to forge a team pf highly skilled talents with exquisite skills and excellent quality to provide strong support for enhancing the company's core competitiveness and boosting the company's business development.