Company completes the 5th grade certification training


At 9:00 of October 27, 2021, the closing ceremony 5th grade certification training of Huafeng Weiye Company was held at 1208 training room of HTG Tower A. Mr. Ni Jiawei, the president and deputy secretary of the Party committee, Mr. Li Shanggang, the deputy secretary of the Party committee and secretary of committee for discipline inspection, Mr. Li Xuesong, the vice president, Mr. Li Biao, the company management director and manager of Production and Technology Dept, the department managers and the trainees attended the ceremony. Mr. Jiang Qilong, the manager of HR Dept presided over the ceremony.
At the ceremony, Mr. Li Biao briefly summarized the development and grade certification of the raining, fully affirmed the training results, and asked the trainees to digest the knowledge they learned carefully and apply what they learned to their jobs.
After that, Mr. Ma Menghai, the representative of teacher, and Mr. Wu Yuan, the trainee representative, respectively made speeches on the training gains and learning experience, expressed gratitude to the company for its careful cultivation, and stated that they would continue to maintain their enthusiasm for learning, and convey the learning atmosphere, habits and spirit of the training to the site.
Finally, Mr. Ni make two requirements about their study and work combining with the speech made by Mr. Wang Lujun and the company’s development strategy.
The first, holding the training is an important measure for the company to focus on building a strong core competitiveness, on improving the professional skills of employees, and cultivating compound talents. New employees are the company's hope and future, and they are indispensable fresh blood for the company's development. The company attaches great importance to the cultivation of new employees’ outlook and values after they enter the market. Mr. Ni requires everyone to digest the knowledge learned in the training seriously, learn professional knowledge in multiple dimensions, and constantly broaden their horizons to become the backbone of the company as soon as possible.
Secondly, the new employees should deeply understand the spirit of Mr. Wang Lujun’s important speech at the 2021 new employee induction ceremony, combine his requirements, make a good career plan, clarify the concept of right and wrong, and grow together into a professional team with soul, ability, blood and morality.
The training was mainly carried out in the four majors of mechanics, chemistry, electrical, and I&C, lasting 59 days. The total number of participants was 41, the number of lectures was 71, the number of class hours was 266, and the organization of seven grade certification examinations, including maintenance Level 1, chemistry Level 1, electrical Level 1, Level 2, I&C Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The training content is rich, the span is long, and the expected results have been achieved, which fully reflects the determination of Huafeng Weiye Company to cultivate the interdisciplinary talents, build a high-quality technical talent team, and improve core competitiveness. Next, the company will comprehensively accelerate the grade certification of all employees in accordance with the established goal of talent training.