Morocco Jerada O&M Project organizes 2021 C-class overhaul summary and commendation meeting


At local time 17:00 of October 22, 2021, Morocco Jerada O&M Project organized the 2021 annual unit C-class overhaul summary and commendation meeting, which gave a comprehensive summary of the unit maintenance work. The technical experts from Huafeng Weiye company headquarters, project leadership and key personnel from various departments participated in the meeting.
At the meeting, the Technical and Business Department first summarized and reported on the entire C-class overhaul work, and the project leaders and the leaders from headquarters sorted out the achievements and shortcomings, and required the personnel to conscientiously sum up experience and lessons, and make preparations for the overhaul next year. Finally, Mr. Chen Hengwei, the project manager, made a comprehensive summary and evaluation of the work from all aspects including maintenance planning, personnel organization, progress control, quality control, and safety control, and expressed gratitude to all employees for their hard work.
During the maintenance process, the O&M team based on independent maintenance, fully carried forward the Iron Army work style, united and acted courageously, and overcame the difficulties and challenges such as fewer personnel and more tasks. Among them, a group of employees with serious and responsible work and outstanding contributions have emerged. In order to commend their exemplary and leading roles, the project set up two awards, and selected outstanding ones, gave them awards and praise, and required all project employees to follow their example and continue to carry forward the good work style.
At the end of the meeting, the project leaders issued letter of commendation and bonus to the outstanding employees and took group photos with them.