Morocco Jerad O&M Project completes C-class overhaul


At local time 10:56 of October 20, 2021, Morocco Jerada O&M Project got success on synchronization after C-class overhaul, which means the 20-day C-class overhaul was completed successfully.
The overhaul was started on October 1, with the main line of maintenance for steam turbine 1# main regulating valve, boiler heating surface anti-wear and explosion-proof inspection and management, and 2# air preheater support bearing replacement, and successfully completed 222 maintenance items and 62 testing items.
The work was affected by the epidemic, and domestic professionals were not allowed to enter the site, the foreign employees were also quarantined at home, so the maintenance work faced many difficulties and challenges, such as fewer personnel and many elimination jobs, which could only be undertaken independently by the Chinese employees on the site. In the face of the challenges, with the support of the leaders of Huafeng Weiye Company’s headquarters and the project, the O&M team actively carried forward the Iron Army work style, prepared from spare parts preparation, personnel organization, schedule planning, quality control, safety management and control, and all personnel carried out various overhaul work in strict accordance with the planning and management requirements. After the joint efforts of the personnel, the overhaul was efficiently implemented, and was successfully completed 11 hours ahead of the original plan. After maintenance, the unit ran smoothly with excellent indicators, and a satisfactory answer was handed over to the owner.
Next, the O&M team will keep the mission in mind, make persistent efforts, continue to carry forward the Iron Army work style, do a good job in the follow-up O&M works of the unit, ensure the safe, stable and long-term efficient operation, and strive for more and better achievements.