Pakistan Haveli O&M Project organizes steam turbine maintenance training


In order to improve the theoretical knowledge level of the project O&M team and consolidate practical skills, on the morning of October 13, 2021, the Pakistan Haveli Project O&M team organized a special training of steam turbine maintenance. The training was conducted by Mr. Cao Yuanfu, the steam turbine expert from the headquarters of Huafeng Weiye Company. The heads of production, technology, maintenance and operation departments, specialists and main maintenance personnel participated in the training.
The training was mainly for the project department's 2021 steam turbine B-level maintenance. It gave a detailed explanation of the safety work during the maintenance period, PTW, preventive maintenance acceptance and work records and other knowledge points. At the same time, the equipment working status during the maintenance period, lubricating oil system cleanliness, anti-pollution measures, reinstallation and re-testing of thermal control components, comparison and confirmation of the data before and after the repair, the location statistics and comparison and inspection of the locomotive support were explained in detail with the matters needing attention, combining with the actual situation of the project. After the explanation, Mr. Cao explained the questions of on-site maintenance personnel one by one.
The training combined theory and practice, not only strengthened the professional knowledge of maintenance personnel but also clarified the direction for the B-class maintenance work of steam turbines in 2021, and laid a solid foundation for the completion of the maintenance task.