Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes autumn safety checking activity


In order to strengthen the construction of team safety standardization, improve the team safety management level, realize the institutionalization and standardization of team safety management, and stimulate the vitality of the team, on October 9, 2021, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organized the Operation Department, Technical and Business Department, and HSE Department to conduct the autumn safety management mutual checking activity.
Based on the Three Accounts, Two Sheets and Three Stresses and One Implementation issued by Huafeng Weiye Company, and relied on the corresponding information such as the establishment of the account, the record specification, and the evaluation rules, the team safety management account was checked one by one. In response to the deficiencies, the inspection team put forward guiding opinions and requested the relevant responsible departments to immediately rectify and implement them.
Finally, Mr. Wang Jian, the deputy project manager and Party branch secretary, put forward three requirements for the construction of project safety management. First, the Operation Dept and the Technical and Business Dept should address the basic safety management found in the autumn checking activities. For shortcomings, actively standardize rectification, regularly check the team accounts, and combine the requirements of the latest safety production law issued this year to make the team safety management accounts detailed and accurate. Second, in response to the gradual increase in the number of Burmese personnel, the Technical and Business Dept should further improve the safety information of team members, effectively strengthen personnel safety and technical training, earnestly implement the requirements, and resolutely prevent personal injuries and other unsafe incidents. The third is that all personnel should create a team learning field based on the requirements of team construction, highlight the work characteristics and management characteristics of the team, and make every effort to build the cultural brand of the Myanmar Thaketa team.
Through the activity, the management personnel at all levels of the Operation Dept and the Technical and Business Dept further realized the importance of implementing the main responsibilities of safety production and the basic team accounts, improved their understanding of the construction of safety management accounts, and the responsibilities of safe production work were clarified, which laid a solid foundation for the subsequent development of safe production work for the project.