Morocco Jerada O&M Project finishes RB test


From local time 0:00 of September 30 to the early morning of October 1, according to the shutdown test plan, Morocco Jerada O&M Project carried out the RB test on the induced draft fan and the force draft fan of the unit before the shutdown. Under the guidance of leaders and experts from the headquarters of Huafeng Weiye Company, and through the joint efforts of relevant test personnel of the project, the RB test was successfully completed.
In order to successfully complete the RB test, the O&M team organized several seminars before the test. Under the guidance of experts from the headquarters, through careful analysis and research, the relevant parameters and logic of the RB test were continuously optimized and improved. At 2:00 am on October 1, the test went smoothly. The on-site personnel overcame fatigue and gave full play to the Iron Army work style. They devoted themselves to the test process. After the joint efforts of all the personnel, two RB tests were all successful and the results were good, which created conditions for the safe and stable operation of the units and the reduction of unscheduled shutdown under accident conditions.