Morocco Jerada O&M Project holds 2021 unit maintenance kick-off meeting


In order to successfully complete the 2021 unit shutdown and maintenance work, on the afternoon of September 29, the Morocco Jerada O&M Project Department held a unit maintenance kick-off meeting. Mr. Chu Wenqiang and Mr. Hu Changwei, from the headquarters, and Mr. Chen Hengwei, the project manager, Mr. Fan Yuntao, the deputy project manager, and personnel from various departments attended the meeting.
At the meeting, the technical and operation department firstly publicized and implemented the unit maintenance plan and maintenance management manual. The operation department, maintenance department, procurement department, and administration department made statements, and the safety supervision department emphasized the safety work during the maintenance period.
Subsequently, Mr. Fan made important requirements for the maintenance in terms of working period, quality, and safety.
Then the leaders from the headquarters put forward work requirements for the safety and critical maintenance items stood at the company level.
Finally, Mr. Chen made a concluding speech. He emphasized that this maintenance was affected by the epidemic, and the domestic professional maintenance teams could not reach the site. Based on independent maintenance, the project faced many difficulties and challenges such as fewer personnel, weak maintenance capabilities, and many key missing items, so all personnel on the site were required to unify their thinking and inherit the fine tradition of Iron Army, bravely dedicate, work hard, strictly follow the maintenance plan and requirements, complete the maintenance work with high quality and efficiency, to lay a foundation for the long-term safe and stable operation of the unit. He also emphasized the safety management during the maintenance period, to ensure that no unsafe incidents occurred during the period, to successfully complete the task, and to submit a satisfactory answer to the company and the owner.