Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project carries out anti-riot training


Since the Myanmar coup in February 2021, Myanmar appeared large-scale demonstrations, strikes, riots, arson, explosions, and shooting incidents across the country. Especially in Yangon, where the Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project is located, there have been many explosions, targeting Chinese companies and there were also many incidents of arson and shooting in the town of Thaketa. In early March, two incidents of arson and circuit breaking occurred outside the project. In September, an unignited bomb was threatened at the gate of the power plant on the opposite side, and armed police have been arranged to stand guard. The project contacted the Myanmar Chinese Enterprise Chamber of Commerce and the Police in a timely manner, and quickly asked the local police to take effective measures to ensure the safety of the plant.
On September 30, in order to actively implement the spirit of the speech by Mr. Peng Hong, the secretary of the Party committee and vice president of Huafeng Weiye Company, at the inspection meeting of the project, and further improve the safety and security of the project and ensure the personnel and property of the project, the project contacted the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy in Myanmar, invited the owners to participate, and held a special training on security protection and anti-riot.
The content of the training includes three aspects: communication skills between foreign companies and local security forces such as the local military and police, psychological response to suicide terrorist attacks, and construction of anti-riot system for foreign companies, explains how to detect, identify and respond to terrorist activities and terrorists, involving terrorist attacks, response strategies for explosions, arson, and shooting, and how to conduct self-rescue and mutual rescue in emergency situations. The scenes in the short film are mainly explained based on personal experience, which is highly targeted and operable. After the training, everyone actively interacted and communicated with each other and achieved good results.