New employees visit Museum of World War I


On the morning of Sep 12, 2021, the new employees of Huafeng Weiye Company visited the Museum of World War I. The new employees listened carefully to the explanation, watched the video, and experienced the historical scene. They truly felt the tough process from the establishment of Qingdao to the sovereignty return. After the visit, the patriotism and Party spirit of the young employees were further enhanced, and the enthusiasm for loving their jobs and performing their duties was also aroused.
Since the new employees joining the company, Huafeng Weiye Company brought the new employees into Party history learning and education via both offline and online methods to guide them to learn the century-old history of the Party, stimulate their learning enthusiasm, and continue to deepen the work of learning the Party history.
On August 30, the 5th grade certification training course of Huafeng Weiye Company was officially opened, and 23 new employees participated in the training. During the training period, the new employees not only received professional courses such as I&C, mechanical, electrical, chemistry, safety, etc., but also got the Party history learning and education. The company further guided the new employees to learn experience and wisdom from the century-old Party history, inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of the Party, and make contribute to the company with their youth power.