Company holds the opening ceremony of the 5th grade certification training


In order to actively implement the spirit of the company's work conference for the special training of new employees, in accordance with the annual plan of Huafeng Weiye Company’s professional training and grade certification, the company held the opening ceremony of the 5th grade certification training in the 1208 training room of HTG Tower A at 9:00 am on August 30, 2021. Mr. Li Shanggang, the safety director and vice president, Mr. Chen Ting, the vice president, Mr. Li Biao, the management director and the manager of Production and Technology Department, and related functional department managers at the headquarters and all training lecturers and trainees attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Jiang Qilong, the manager of Human Resources Department of the company. 
At the ceremony, Mr. Li Biao gave a training mobilization speech, and briefly introduced the organization, system, and objectives of the training, and asked employees to grasp the training opportunity, study carefully, make efforts to eliminate learning obstacles, establish the concept of lifelong learning, continuously improve their comprehensive technical level, and integrate theoretical knowledge into practical work.
Finally, Mr. Li Shanggang put forward specific requirements for the trainees from the aspects of employee learning, role change, living habits, and work habits.
The first, it is necessary to deeply realize the importance of training, grasp the learning opportunities, make up for knowledge loopholes, and continuously improve personal comprehensive ability.
Secondly, the new employees should change their concepts as soon as possible, adapt to their job roles and working environment, and complete the transition from students to employees, from schools to society.
Thirdly, continue to carry forward the company's excellent tradition of mentors leading students; the mentors should effectively take the lead, guide new employees to adapt to their positions, and make good career steps; and the students should humbly ask for advice, study earnestly, and continuously improve their professional capabilities.
The fourth, it is necessary to develop good living and hygiene habits, ensure that the living environment is hygienic, clean and tidy, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and personal protection.
The last but not least, develop good work and study habits, pay attention to summary in the work process, learn more and ask more, master methods to accumulate experience, and constantly consolidate professional foundation.
In order to ensure the development of the training, Huafeng Weiye Company invested a lot from the preparation of teaching materials to the arrangement of courses. The training is expected to last 2 months. During the training, the participants will have professional trainings in I&C, mechanics, electric, chemistry, safety, etc. At the same time, in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the group company and the company, Huafeng Weiye Company set up a training health management working group, formulated training reports, epidemic prevention management, epidemic prevention emergency response and other pre-plan measures, and effectively handled the epidemic situation during the training period for the prevention and personnel health management work to ensure the development of training.