Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes flood prevention drill


In order to better implement the company's overall requirements of flood prevention and disaster relief work, further strengthen the implementation of emergency plans and safeguard measures, and improve the emergency rescue capabilities of the project in response to emergencies, on August 16, 2021, the Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organized an emergency drill for flood prevention.
The drill simulated that the drainage ditch of the plant is blocked due to continuous heavy rains, the rainwater from the circulating water pump room flew backward into the pump room, the circulating pump sewage pump fails to start, and the safety of the equipment and the unit is seriously endangered. 
Then the operation staff found that a large amount of rainwater had poured into the circulating water pump room, which seriously endangered the safety of the equipment. They immediately reported the on-site situation to the shift leader and the project leader at all levels; the project leader immediately decided to initiate an emergency rescue plan, and notify the project personnel to rush into flood prevention and disaster relief activities; after receiving the instruction, all personnel rushed to the circulating water pump room, piled sand bags at the entrance of the pump room gate as a retaining wall and transported emergency standby submersible pumps and water pipes into the circulating water pump room to drain the accumulated water, and organized manpower to dredge the drainage ditch. The whole drill was orderly. After nearly an hour of concerted efforts, the dangerous situation of the circulating water pump room was effectively controlled.
The drill presented a panoramic view of emergency flood prevention and rescue measures with quick report of danger, emergency response, investigation, and treatment. After the drill, Mr. Wang Jian, the deputy manager and secretary of the Party branch, and Mr. Sun Jianhua, the deputy chief engineer, made detailed comments on the whole process, and put forward suggestions and opinions on the organization and optimization of follow-up related exercises. Finally, Mr. Wang emphasized that all personnel should thoroughly study the spirit of the important speech made by the group company’s leaders, firmly establish the ideological awareness of flood prevention, disaster relief and emergency rescue, normalize the prevention emergency drills, and pay close attention to flood prevention, rescue and disaster relief work to ensure the safety and stability of the units.
The drill further strengthened the emergency linkage and coordinated operations mechanism of various departments, and the emergency response ability of the project in response to floods and the awareness of disaster prevention of employees were further improved, and the losses caused by the floods were minimized and with expected results. Next, the project will summarize experience and take early warning measures to ensure the safety of project personnel and property around the related problems exposed from the drill.