Company organizes a forum to welcome the new employees of 2021


At 14:30 of August 6, 2021, Huafeng Weiye Company held a forum to welcome the new employees of 2021. Mr. Ni Jiawei, the president and the deputy secretary of HF Party Committee, Ms. Sun Xuemei, the manager of Administration Management Department, and 29 new employees attended the forum.
The 29 new employees firstly made self-introduction about their specialty, occupational position, plan and vision, expressed the expectation of the company, made summary and exchanged on the learning gains and perceptions during the training. Everyone expressed their attitude that they would find the correct position, adjust the mentality, complete the role change as soon as possible in the further study and work, and work in the follow-up jobs with a more vigorous spirit.
After that, Mr. Ni welcomed the new employees and hope that they will contribute to the company’s upgrading and development, gave detailed explanation in light of the current situation of the industry and the overseas experience of company’s projects, to the company’s technology, management, market, talent advantage, in order to help new employees to have a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the company and the status quo of the industry.
Finally, Mr. Ni shared his experience from work, safety and study with the new employees:
The first, technology is the safety and the true authority. Only by mastering equipment principles and safety knowledge, consolidating professional foundation, establishing risk awareness, and continuously strengthening learning, can we advance the overall work process and broaden new horizons. 
The second, norms and disciplines are the armor of safety. We should strictly abide by labor and safety disciplines at work, and master work standards, design specifications and operating procedures. 
The third, it is necessary to look at problems and work from multiple angles and levels, learn professional knowledge from multiple dimensions and multiple disciplines, continuously expand our own vision and stage, make summaries and draw inferences from one another, to promote growth.
The fourth, grasp the focus of work and pay attention to details to reduce unnecessary potential crises. 
The fifth, be good at communication and willing to communicate. Coordination and cooperation are the keys to completing the work together. Training good communication skills is a great help to the completion of the work. 
The last but not least, be diligent in learning, good at thinking, forging strong skills, maintain the morale of work and study, enhance our own abilities, and lay a solid foundation for work.
The meeting further deepened the new employees' understanding of the company's business development, the guidance provided by Mr. Ni in combination with his own experience in work, study, and life especially has a good enlightenment effect on the growth of the new employees. Next, the 2021 new employees will be motivated by Mr. Ni's speech, study professional knowledge hard, cherish opportunities to exercise skills, fully demonstrate the vitality of the new members, and grow into the backbone of the company's development as soon as possible.