Company completes grade certification exam of July


Up to August 6, 2021, the grade certification exam of July of Huafeng Weiye Company was completed successfully.
The exam began from July 26, and was based on the experience of the first period of examination with a more detailed organization plan, organization form, time arrangement, and invigilation management. The examination involves four majors of turbine, electric, chemistry, and I&C on six levels. A total of 312 people participated in the examination. The number of qualified students is 309. The examination was successfully completed and finally achieved expected results.
The examination is one of the series of grade certification examinations organized by Huafeng Weiye Company in accordance with the overall plan to complete the first round of grade certification within one year and comprehensively promote the professional grade certification of production personnel. Next, Huafeng Weiye Company will continue to organize and mobilize the enthusiasm of projects, make full use of on-site resources, expand the mode of exam, comprehensively improve the question bank, and complete the grade certification work of all employees with quality and quantity.