SEPCOIII Party Committee No.2 inspection team visits Huafeng Weiye Company for illegal affiliation


On August 6, 2021, Mr. Zhang Lianqing, member of SEPCOIII Party Committee and the vice president of SEPCOIII, Mr. Li Tao, the leader of No.2 inspection team and the manager of Financial Center, and the team members visited Huafeng Weiye Company for illegal affiliation matters and held a meeting about that at the 1605 meeting room in HTG Tower A. The leaders of Huafeng Weiye Company in Qingdao, the department managers and key personnel attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Mr. Li introduced the work arrangements and tasks of the inspection. Mr. Zhang and the inspection team listened to the report made by Mr. Ni Jiawei, the president of Huafeng Weiye Company and the deputy secretary of the HF Party Committee, on the comprehensive sorting, investigation and rectification of illegal affiliation of the company.
Then Mr. Zhang further emphasized the importance of comprehensive rectification work and inspection work of illegal affiliation, and required Huafeng Weiye Company to attach great importance to the inspection work and actively cooperate with the inspection team, take it as an opportunity to find out the shortcomings of work and promote the improvement of management standards. Mr. Zhang focused on the areas of project subcontracting and material procurement that are prone to risk of illegal affiliation, combined with the Four Forms of illegal affiliation, and emphasized the comprehensive rectification of that. At the same time, Mr. Zhang requested that Huafeng Weiye Company should comply with the company's system document requirements and the company's management system, pay close attention to the update and revision of the company's management system, and update and improve its own management system in a timely manner.
After the meeting, in accordance with the inspection work arrangement, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Li respectively talked to the leaders of Huafeng Weiye Company, the managers of relevant departments and the personnel of key positions about illegal affiliation matters, checked the relevant contracts, systems, and accounts, and set up a report box.