Kuwait Az-south CCGT3 O&M Project organizes emergency drill for flood prevention


In order to further strengthen the implementation of emergency response plan and safeguard measures and improve the emergency rescue capabilities of the project, at 9:30 on June 21, 2021, the Kuwait Az-south CCGT3 O&M Project O&M team organized a flood prevention emergency drill. Mr. Li Guofu, the deputy manager of the O&M project, and Mr. Wang Jinwei, the chief engineer, took the lead to participate into the drill.
At the mobilization meeting, Mr. Li explained the precautions and overall requirements of the drill, and announced the start of the drill. The drill simulated the sudden occurrence of heavy rain at the project site. Then the O&M team quickly started the emergency response plan, carried out flood prevention, arranged sandbags, and strengthened drainage, successfully avoided major water accumulation in the plant area, which might seriously endanger the safety of the project. During the drill, all personnel have a clear division of labor, actively and conscientiously, and strictly followed the emergency plan steps. At 10:15, the drill was successfully completed.
Although Kuwait is located in a desert area, extreme weather occurs frequently and rainfall has increased significantly in recent years. Through the drill, the effectiveness of the emergency plan for flood prevention and drainage of the O&M project was further tested, and the rapid rescue capability of the flood prevention emergency of the project was strengthened, and it also guaranteed the safety and stability of the project. Next, the O&M team will conduct detailed research on the problems exposed during the exercise, carefully summarize experience, gradually investigate hidden dangers, and do a good job in flood prevention, emergency response and disaster relief to ensure the safety of project personnel and property.