Ras Al Khair O&M Project achieves phased success on recruitment of Saudi employees


In order to respond to the company's requirements of building an international talent team that meets the needs of international business, the Ras Al Khair O&M Project has continuously promoted the recruitment of Saudi employees through a series of human resource management practices. As of mid-June 2021, a total of 60 Saudi employees have been employed in the project, and the target number has been successfully completed.
In 2020, the COVID-19 severely impacted Saudi Arabia’s economy. The unemployment rate reached 15.4%. In order to promote the employment of its citizens, the Saudi Ministry of Labor has continuously strengthened its localization policy. During the bidding stage of O&M contracts, SWCC has repeatedly stated that the bidders must strictly implement the policy. Faced with complex policy changes and severe cost pressures, the project continued to optimize the allocation of Chinese and Saudi and other foreign employees in accordance with the company’s development strategy and cost control requirements for building an international O&M team, and actively explored the methods of localization and employment in various links.
In the recruitment process, according to local conditions, the project published recruitment information through LinkedIn, bayt, local newspapers and other channels and websites, and mobilized owners and employees to actively recommend new employee, and vigorously search for qualified Saudi candidates, and the series of measures finally achieved great results. From November, 2020, the project received more than 3,000 resumes.
At the same time, the training and development of Saudi employees were followed up simultaneously. In order to improve the skill level of Saudi employees, help them to be familiar with on-site equipment and production processes as soon as possible, the project formulated a detailed training plan, and appointed foreign professionals to be responsible for the training work, used theoretical training, simulator training, on-site training, practical training and other training processes, regularly organized theoretical and practical evaluations to test the training effects, ensured the training effect with a closed loop, and finally achieve the training goal for work. At present, the project has carried out 18 intensive trainings, with a total of 244 trainees and 3 exams. During the training period, the owner and plant manager repeatedly checked the training effect and spoke highly of the training.
The localization strategy has a long way to go. In the next stage, the project will continue to improve and implement the management system for the recruitment, training and using of the Saudi employees, strengthen training to complete the authorization of Saudi employees, and work harder to build an international and localized O&M team.