Morocco Jerada O&M Project conducts project manager’s safety class


In order to in-depth study and understand the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s important speech on production safety, implement the major decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on production safety, and strengthen the production safety and special rectification under epidemic prevention and control, and promote the project’s safety production responsibility system, on June 11, Mr. Chen Hengwei, the manager of the Morocco Jerada O&M Project, gave a safety production open class to the key project managers and full-time safety personnel according to the plan of Safety Production Month.
On the class, Mr. Chen focused on the six main points and ten words of President Xi, combined with the important instructions given by President Xi in recent years, carried out a detailed interpretation, studied and analyzed the causes of various serious accidents, and learned lessons from the accidents. Through the learning, everyone agreed that President Xi’s important speech on production safety pointed out the direction and provided follow-up for the safety production work.
Finally, combining with the spirit of the document, Mr. Chen put forward the following five specific requirements for the safety production work of the project for the next stage: 1. Deepen the understanding, strengthen the responsibility, and effectively transform the learning results into specific actions and work results for safety production, and enhance the sense of responsibility, urgency and mission in the production work; 2. Always maintain a sense of awe, learn lessons from past accidents, firmly implement the safety production responsibility system; 3. Carry out investigation and management of hidden dangers, rectification of hidden dangers of on-site safety production risks, further consolidating the basis for safe production, and effectively preventing the occurrence of various unsafe incidents; 4. Make full use of the activity carrier of Safety Month, carry out various series of activities, and promote the establishment of a safe development concept for all levels of posts; 5. Strictly implement the company and project department's epidemic prevention and control requirements, so as not to be paralyzed, and to ensure the personal health of employees and the safety of the team.
Under the leadership of the company and Huafeng Weiye Company, the project will continue to carry forward the Iron Army work style, firmly establish the concept of safe development, and promote the idea of "life first, safety first", strengthen the responsibility, and work hard to complete the production safety indicators and tasks of 2021.