Pakistan Haveli Project organizes training activity


According to the work deployment of grade certification for all staff of Huafeng Weiye Company, the O&M team of Pakistan Haveli Project organized the grade certification and training for all the project staff by combining existing resources, on-site personnel and professional practice.
From mid-April to mid-May, the O&M team has organized and carried out skill training activities covering electric, turbine, I&C and safety. In order to ensure the pertinence and practicality of the training, the training instructors started from the perspective of practical and effective, from the basic knowledge and from the field they are best at. Mr. Tao Zhangwei lectured on the basic theoretical knowledge of electrical engineering; Mr. Han Zongfu explained the basic knowledge of electrical switches; Mr. Sun Bin explained basic knowledge of physics and engineering, engineering mechanics; Mr. Wu Peng explained basic knowledge of steam turbines and auxiliary equipment; Mr. Liu Xuehe explained basic knowledge of thermal instrumentation; Mr. Song Tongtong, manager of safety and environmental protection department, explained the Safety Production Law of the People's Republic of China to all the trainees. All lecturers followed the principle of Dedication, Effort, and Responsibility, to explain professional knowledge, share professional learning, and answer questions asked by the trainees.
Through the training, all the trainees have a deeper learning of various professional knowledge and a deeper understanding of the measures to grade certification. In the next step, the O&M team will continue to carry out trainings in accordance with the training plan, and implement the strategic goal of cultivating the "four modernizations" professional and technical personnel team of "commissioning and trial operation integration, centralized control integration, turbine integration, and electric and I&C integration", and strive to create an international talent team with all-round and multiple capabilities to make contribution to the company's development.