Successful Synchronization of #1 of Iraq Salah Al-din Commissioning and Trial Operation Project


At local time 23:06 of May 17, 2021, Iraq Salah Al-din Commissioning and Trial Operation Project completed the synchronization job of #1 with all qualified parameters,
The Iraq Salah Al-din 2×630MW Gas-oil-fired Power Plant’s owner is Ministry of Electric Power of Iraq, constructed by CMEC as the EPC contractor, and Huafeng Weiye Company is responsible for the commissioning and trial operation of the project. It is located in Salah Al-din, 186km away from Baghdad, with 2 sets of 630MW subcritical gas-oil-fired units.
Since the first batch of personnel arrived at the site, the project actively prepared, scientifically managed, reasonably arranged on-site construction, focused on quality and safety, and under the unfavorable conditions of the turbulent external epidemic situation, successively overcome the obsolescence and aging of the line and the difficulty of shifting personnel, finally made #1 successfully connected to the grid at 23:06 on May 17, 2021, and all technical indicators meet the standard requirements, the operating conditions of the system are normal.
The successful completion of the synchronization is the result of the hard work of all the staff of the project, and it is the best encouragement and affirmation for the work of the project. Next, all the staff of the project will continue their efforts and carry forward the iron army work spirit to ensure the smooth completion of all subsequent jobs.