Luneng Haixi Project finishes AVC and AGC tests


At 18:21 of May 14, 2021, after 3-day efforts, the commissioning and trial operation team of Luneng Haixi Concentrating Solar Power Project finished the excitation system parameter testing, excitation modeling, phase advance testing, AVC and AGC tests.
As the first CSP station in China to conduct grid-related tests, the Haixi CSP project was facing difficulties such as lack of technical experience at the beginning of the test, and the unpredictable regional weather made the test extremely difficult.
In order to ensure the success of the tests, the team followed the company’s arrangement of commissioning and trial operation integration, played the iron army spirit and work style, coordinated the commissioning and operation forces, and made plans and preparations one month in advance. The project communicated with equipment manufacturers and the institute in advance to formulate a reasonable test plan and personnel plan according to the work tasks and requirements of all parties on one hand, and organized the electrical professional to conduct grid-related testing technologies on the other hand. With the joint efforts of everyone, the testing work was progressing in an orderly manner.
However, during the test, due to the inconsistency of some parameters of Siemens’s excitation equipment and domestic AVC and AGC equipment, telecontrol equipment and dispatching communication failures, and a series of problems such as large deviations in the parameters of the Siemens TCS system and dispatching commands, this resulted in a series of problems. The whole test could not proceed smoothly. In the face of these problems, the testing team collectively discussed testing methods, pooled ideas, and allowed the collective wisdom to flow fully, so as to arrive at a scientific and jointly recognized solution, and finally successfully completed all tests before the hot salt level was consumed to the warning line.
As the first CSP power plant in China passed the grid-related test, the Haixi CSP Project has set a benchmark for the same type of domestic power plants, which won unanimous praise from the owners. At the same time, as an important node of the EPC project acceptance, the successful completion of the test provided an important guarantee for the successful conclusion of the EPC project and won the full affirmation of the EPC project leaders. Next, the team will continue to play the iron army work style, implement the company's requirements into the on-site work, forge ahead, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the project.