Company passes the CNAS annual review


On May 9, 2021, Huafeng Weiye Company passed the CNAS review, which means that the company’s performance testing work is approved by CNAS.
Mr. Li Xincheng and his 2 fellows from CNAS visited the company from May 8 to 9 for the review, accompanied by Mr. Lv Tao, the chief engineer, Mr. Song Hongwei, the director of Testing Center, Ms. Li Qingfen, the quality principal of Testing Center. The review includes the opening review meeting, on-site review and closing review meeting.
On the morning of May 8, Mr. Li Xincheng held the opening review meeting at the 16F meeting room of HTG Tower A.
Mr. Li firstly explained the on-site review process of the laboratory regular review. Then Mr. Song gave a brief introduction to the personnel information, equipment, of the Testing Center, and reported on the operation of the laboratory's CNAS system over the past year, and at the same time ensured that they will fully cooperate with the review team.
After the meeting, the team inspected the operation of the system, on-site management and implementation of various standards, and went to the site to examine the experimental demonstration process, on-site working environment, storage and use of various instruments and equipment, and various on-site record sheets, cards, test report and other conditions.
On May 9, the team organized the closing review meeting, appreciated the good implementation of systems and gave suggestions about the disadvantages. The experts expressed that they will recommend the company to the committee for holding the certification, which means that the company passed the 2021 review of CNAS.
Next, the Testing Center will perfect the process management in accordance with the review suggestions and promote the continuous and effective operation of CNAS.