Company opens the 1st chemical training


On the morning of May 10, 2021, the opening ceremony of the 1st chemical training was held at the 1208 training room of HTG Tower A. The company leaders, department managers and all the lecturers and trainees attended the ceremony. Mr. Jiang Qilong, the manager of HR Dept presided over the ceremony.
Mr. Li Biao, the management director and manager of the Production Management Dept, gave a brief introduction to the organization of the training, and asked all the trainees to attach great importance to the training, strive to eliminate the obstacles to cross-professional learning, and continuously improve their comprehensive technical level. It is necessary to actively play a leading role, implement the follow-up grade certification training of each project, and drive the development of the team from all aspects.
After that, Mr. Sun Haitao, the vice president, made a speech and required all the trainees to cherish this training opportunity, fully understand the importance of chemical training, be familiar with basic chemical knowledge, increase sensitivity to chemical parameters, and continuously improve their comprehensive capabilities to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition.
Finally, Mr. Lv Tao, the chief engineer, appreciated the trainees’ attitude to the training and made the following requirements. 
The first, cherish the training opportunity and study relevant professional knowledge earnestly. The smooth development of project work is inseparable from the support of professional theoretical knowledge, rigorous analysis ability and skilled operation ability. Hope everyone would cherish the opportunity and study earnestly to improve personal comprehensive ability.
The second, it is necessary to actively carry out exchanges and discussions, and solve problems from multiple sides. This training brought together a group of outstanding talents of project management and professional skills from the company. The trainees who participated in the training should seize the training opportunities, actively interact and fully communicate with the problems encountered in the project work and learn from each other.
The third, cultivate the consciousness of continuous learning and learning from outstanding employees. The upgrading of technology is rapid and endless. Only by constantly updating one's own knowledge can the individual's ability be improved and the company's development can be promoted.
The chemical training is one of the eight professional trainings that to promote the overall professional ability of the staff team, promote the process of "integration of commissioning and trial-operation, centralized control, turbine, and electric control ", organized and implemented by Huafeng Weiye Company, which has great significance to enhance the chemical professional ability of the trainees and promote the improvement of the company's core technical competitiveness. Next, the 46 trainees will have nearly 20 days of intensive training and learning at the headquarters.